Gender Equality

Women and girls play a vital part in family and community life in Papua.  Access to education has brought changes and opportunities to a small amount of women, but for the majority life has not changed very much over the last 50 years.

Families are in crisis due to rapid modernisation, the impact of a monetary economy and pressure for men, women and young people to travel to new towns for work and education.  Often the burden of keeping families together rests on the women of the family, increasing their workload when men are absent and also placing them in vulnerable positions.  Women, for the most part, do not have a voice in important decisions that affect their own lives, and those of their family, and suffer greatly from violence and abuse within and outside the family.

Papua Partners is working with local organisations, churches and women’s groups to provide new skills for women to enable them to improve their income, strengthen food security in their families, improve health and protect themselves and their communities from HIV.  Together with partners we are raising awareness that families and communities are stronger when men and women work together in partnership, where the talents and voices of both are respected and heard.

Most of these initiatives are self-sustaining after several years of support.  We provide training, accompaniment and some small start-up funds for equipment, where needed.  Please consider a one-off donation or regular monthly donation to support this.

Some women’s and family groups have started saving, to start their own businesses and for other needs.

Find out about what one women’s group has done to help protect their area against HIV.