Our Partners – YASUMAT

YASUMAT – Social Foundation for Isolated Peoples

Papua Partners and Yasumat have worked in close partnership since 2006.  When the partnership started, Yasumat was at a difficult point in its development.  It had no permanent staff, no resources and no clear idea of how to move forward to achieve their vision of appropriate development for the tribes of the Eastern Highlands.  Papua Partners was also newly established and in the process of learning how to support Papuan communities and organisations.

So we learnt together, and from each other.  Papua Partners was able to help Yasumat consolidate its vision, mission, strategies and eventually access funding.  Yasumat helped the Papua Partners staff/consultants learn about culture, politics, development process and how to best communicate new learning and skills in communities.  It is a long story full of many successes and challenges.  We are still partners and continue moving forward together.  Yasumat is now recognised as a high quality indigenous organisation that works with integrity and has deep impact in many communities.  Several of Yasumat’s ways of working in remote areas are being used as examples by the government and other agencies.  Together over ten years we estimate that over 100,000 people have been impacted in various ways.

This year in August we will join together for three days in a retreat to reflect on the learning together over the last ten years and dream towards the next ten.

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